Internet, I love you.


Ich lebe mit einem Dilemma. Richtig klar wurde es mir, als ich mit tante (Twitter) eine Folge für den Podcast tentaclepr0n aufgenommen habe. Ausser, dass ich Frau Merkel beschimpft habe fragte er mich auch (sinngemäß) was das Netz denn für mich sei. Ich fing an zu sprudeln. Hier versuche ich, das mal auf zu schreiben. Meine Liebeserklärung an das Internet. Es ist nicht nur einfach eine Liebeserklärung, es ist auch meine Motivation. 

Dear Internet,

I have never said, that I love you. Well, in fact I did but I never said why. This is why I am writing these lines. You are incredible. When I discovered you years ago, I had no imagination what I would find. I found a magical world. Full of stars. Ready to be explored by me. Every day since then I found new things. Art, music, videos, pictures. Everything is possible. In the last centuries mankind invented technology to make the world faster. First the car, then planes. The telephone made it possible to contact people immediatly. Now, with you, we can talk to people while we search for answers and play games. On one device. Over one line. We are able to share ideas and thoughts. This happens because of you. Of course, there are ugly things. Dinosaurpornography, hate, violence, blood and gore. But this is NOT what builds you. The couriosity about new things, new ideas and new people built you.
Older people consider you as a „virtual“ world. I proof them wrong: you are not virtual. You exist on my desk, in my mobile phone and in my thoughts. Some people would say I am addicted to you. No, I just need you as part of my every day life. You make it possible that I can communicate whenever I am on the run, sitting in the train or on a bench in the park. I have my friends with me. I can share these moments to everyone I know within seconds. You make this possible to me. You make it possible that I can have friends all over this planet and do not need to care for a letter as it takes weeks. I send an email and they receive it within seconds. I have deep relationships to people not only on my continent. Thank you internet. It is you, that makes it possible.

From the bottom of my heart I wish that every human beeing can feel the joy you bring to us. Can experience how borders are put down, that neither sex, race, age or religion can devide us any more. This world can happen and you make it possible. Thank you.
You help every second to share and spread knowledge all over the world. You help to bring the world closer.

Yes, I love you. You enrich my life so much I can not find words for it. I know that I do not want to miss you any more in my life. I need you as I need air for breathing. I need you to have my life completed. Thank you for existing. Thanks to all the engineers who built you and thanks to all who fight to keep you alive as you are: free.
Most people have the sky as the limit – thanks to you, my limit is the universe.


Dear reader,
I would love to see your love letter to the internet. So, write it in the comments or create a pingback. Thanks.

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  1. plaetzchen sagt:

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. sparta sagt:

    My sentiments exactly.
    Thanks for putting it much nicer than I could have ever done… <3

  3. strix sagt:

    Thanks you to express what i feel

  4. agent_23_ sagt:

    Très beau, merci et bravo big datalove von sud de la France. Antoine

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  6. icho40 sagt:

    Du hast in Worte gefasst wie ich denke und fühle.

  7. tante sagt:

    Took me a while but I added mine to the web today.

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  12. mac sagt:

    😛 :sad: 👿 ❗ :smile: 😳 😀 😮 😯 😕 😎 😆 😡 😈 :roll: 😉 💡 ➡ 😐 😥 :mrgreen:

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  15. batgirl sagt:

    Thank you <3

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