Geeks and Depression


So, 28c3 is over and some of you might know the feeling after coming home: Emptyness. Down. Missing people. Missing location and missing the four outstanding days. Now imagine, you have this every now and then or even worse permanently. We all have geeks in our peer group who suffer from depression.

This blogpost goes to those people who suffer from depression as well as those who have a depressive geek in their peer group.

I for myself suffered from depression and had a hard time. You may read about it in this post but I do not want to talk about the bad times I had. This is just a merely write up about this toic, the feelings you might have as someone with a depressive geek in your peer group.  I know very well what is happening with you. You do not eat, you doubt on everything you do, you are nearly to cry every moment. You can not talk to others because… because you might think that you are the only person which suffers from those things. Believe me: you are not.

To those who have a depressive geek in their peer group: Do not remain silent! Talk to the depressive geek. Offer your help and time. I know that it is hard for you to here the same story every time. To give advices which do not help. Believe me: It is good for a depressive geek to have another geek to talk to. On the other hand: talk to others about the depression of your fellow friend. Do not wear it as a burden that you listen to someone.

As someone who suffers from depression, I am not the best person to write about this topic, but as someone who lives with this, I know what helps

So, if you want to read further, I recommend and this blog from Frank Rieger (good post about the winter blues but many advices do help a depressive friend) as a beginning.

To alarm you again and show why it is important that we take care about ourselves, I ask you to watch this panel about depressive geeks at 28c3.

Thanks for reading. Take care of you and your friends

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  1. c0a87b11b77b sagt:

    are you in the bluehackers irc channel?

  2. Thank you for writing this text. I visited the congress only with two night tickets, so I did not know that there was such a panel, would have been interesting, but I can still watch the video.
    I myself am mentally ill, too, suffering from a Obsessive-compulsive disorder, which is thankfully hardly visible at the moment because of constant medication, but I still also have depressive phases.
    So, I am quite glad to see that on more and more occasions, people are talking about such topics. At the OpenMind, a smaller conference in Kassel, Germany that year, I suggested a workshop which dealt with showing weakness in modern public and started by talking about my illness, followed by others talking about theirs, it was a very inspiring and interesting experience, also including discussions about the theory of post-privacy. I released a German article about that session and there was a blogpost (also German)from another participant, too.
    But I think there is still a lot of work to do to make people know they are not alone and to end stigmatisation of mental illnesses.

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