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Digital common land becomes a registred trademark


On the 10th of December 2010 the widely known and common phrase „<3″ had been registered by an Italian company. This phrase represents a heart. Many people all over the world use it to show their feelings over the internet when chatting with beloved people and relatives. It gives people the possibility to express a feeling via textbased messaging.

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Warum Datalove nicht Post-Privacy ist


Ein neues Gespenst geht durch das Datenschutzland. Post-Privacy heißt es und erschreckt die Datenschützer. Ich will mich dazu gar nicht weiter auslassen, denn dazu gibt es schon genug Stimmen (u.a. bei der gleichnamigen Spackeria, bei mspro und die google Suche spuckt da auch noch viel aus).

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The meaning of datalove


Recently, Telecomix agents released the „principles of datalove“ to explain why they work on free communication and net neutrality for all people, world wide. These principles produce more questions than answers. Readers, external as well as some agents, may have problems grasping the meaning of datalove.

This text is an approach to explain what datalove means.

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